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Gwangcheon Star Flavored Seaweed

We promise to repay our customers with trust with honesty and sincerity under
the conviction of the seaweed that our family eats.

Meet Gwangcheon Star Flavored
Seaweed Food!

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  • BYUL FOOD's laver is recognized for its taste
    and quality domestically and internationally.

    BYUL MAT sea-Lettuce laver was granted the Superior Taste Award from International Taste Institute(ITQI).
    BYUL FOOD was awarded the grand prize at Seafood Export Brand Competition by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea.

  • BYUL FOOD's laver is a local specialty of Gwangcheon region
    in Korea.

    The product features fresh, deep and rich flavor.

  • BYUL FOOD follows international standards in all production process
    a in order to serve safe food to our customers.

  • BYUL FOOD's various seafood product is a local specialty of
    Gwangcheon region in Korea.

    People enjoy rice-ball made with BYUL FOOD's roasted Jaban laver.

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The only seaweed in Korea that is seasoned
twice and baked twice with the best raw laver.

Only the finest raw laver collected in the clean waters of the west coast are carefully selected,
seasoned twice, and baked twice for excellent taste and aroma.